Sedona Elopement on Bell Rock

Sedona Elopement on Bell Rock

Officiating weddings couldn’t get any better! …or could it? This Sedona Elopement on Bell Rock was what started it all!

Let’s Knot and Say We Did began offering elopement and micro-wedding packages after falling in love with all of the smaller, more intimate ceremonies caused by the pandemic. It has always been our goal to create an experience over a production. We were able to do that in part with how we built our officiant packages, adding music, bridal yoga, and premarital coaching.


After being asked for vendor recommendations and helping others plan their wedding, we realized we may be on to something more. We loved the idea of creating an all-inclusive offering for those couples that didn’t want large crowds or hectic planning, but would rather be intentional with who they invite, how they show up, and want an adventure. Shortly after soft launching in September, we booked our first couple, Devyn and Frans! The best part, we had only seven days to plan!

Devyn and Frans reached out a week before Thanksgiving and asked for us to plan their special day for just the two of them. Both Devyn and Frans serve in the medical field and wanted to create some magic in their lives, run off to the red rocks of Sedona, and get hitched! It was such a honor and so much fun getting to plan out all of their details so they could just show up and enjoy an unforgettable day. And that’s exactly what happened!

Sedona Elopement on Bell Rock

Bell Rock gets pretty packed on the weekend, but since Devyn and Frans wanted to elope in the middle of the week we were able to make Bell Rock happen with ease! Shelby kicked off the photography of their special day by arriving at their hotel and getting some shots of them getting primed and ready to walk the red rocks. Frans and I hopped in a rented Tesla and scooted over to get ready for the first look. After getting the perfect setup to check each other out for the first time, Devyn walked up to Frans and tapped him on the shoulder; thus, creating one of many magical moments.

Shelby and I had found the exact spot earlier in the day where we wanted to hold the ceremony. We brought them over to one of our favorite spots on Bell and their custom acoustic music began playing. Devyn walked up to Frans while Africa by Toto played. Yes, you read that correctly. We love when couples go out of the box and pick a song that has a certain memory to it. For them, Africa played each time they would get in their car. Shoutout to Apple Music. Nonetheless, the walk to Frans was filled with smiles and laughter. I spoke about their relationship and all of the ways love brought them together.


Hand-Fasting Ceremony

There is a bit of debate of where hand-fasting actually originated from. Some believe the Celtic Tradition is the oldest. There are others who believe it originated in Rome. Whatever the tradition, it’s important to note that we are symbolizing two becoming one. The hand-fasting knot I create is an infinity knot. The Infinity Knot symbolizes love being eternal. And I think that’s pretty beautiful. I tied the knot around their wrists and they began sharing their personal vows and commitments to each other.

Sedona Elopement on Bell Rock

They exchanged rings, and as I normally do in a public place, I turned around and shouted their pronouncement for all of Bell Rock to hear.

Sedona Elopement on Bell Rock

Many cheers and shouts of congratulations ushered in their first dance on the red rocks. And of course, they began to sway to another excellent and classic hit, As Long As You Love Me by the Backstreet Boys. Smiles and dips ensued all around. The Sedona Red Rocks were celebrating their wedding with them as well!

“I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did,

as long as you love me.”

The Backstreet Boys

Every part of their wedding was uniquely THEM. And that’s what we want for all our couples. None of the weddings we plan, officiate, or get to be a part of are the same. They’re all unique- because every couple is unique and has their own love story.


Rich and Shelby are Co-Creators of Let’s Knot and Say We Did and provide couples with their most authentic expression of love and creativity so that you’re wedding day can be uniquely YOURS.

Let’s Knot and Say We Did

Let’s Knot and Say We Did offers all-inclusive wedding and elopement packages so that all you have to do is show up! We specialize in adventure elopements because we believe in the power of authentic love. Rather than have weddings be a production. We value marriage and the sacred union that takes place in a wedding ceremony.

Rich is a Master of Ceremony. He creates a grounding presence that allows people to feel safe to be fully themselves. He and Shelby (your elopement photographer) bring their joy + high vibes into your ceremony space with intention, love, and creativity. Whether you’re eloping or having a small wedding, we’ll take care of everything so that you can relax and enjoy your special day.

Rich and Shelby create a detailed timeline of your wedding day and coordinate with all vendors. They hand pick every vendor involved and only work with the best. They offer Ceremony Design + Floral Coordination, and provide everything you need to get married in an absolutely beautiful location.

Let’s Knot and Say We Did is based in Sedona, Arizona. Rich and Shelby travel world wide to create epic elopement and intimate wedding experiences for couples who are authentic, joyful, and madly in love.

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