How to Write Your Own Vows for Your Vow Renewal

Committing your heart to your partner in a vow renewal ceremony is a beautiful experience. It’s a chance to add new energy to your marriage and start fresh together. Learn how to write your own vows for your upcoming vow renewal to personalize the experience even more.

1. Start With Your Why

Reflecting is the best way to start writing your vows. Ask yourself why you and your partner decided to get married in the first place or celebrate your union with a vow renewal ceremony. Did you reach an anniversary milestone? That’s a great accomplishment!

Maybe you’re renewing your vows because you overcame a hardship together, had kids together or picture something new for your shared future. You might choose to renew your vows on or around a momentous anniversary, which can be a good starting point when sitting down to write your vows.

2. Review Your Previous Vows

You can also look back on your previous vows. You might have pledged to love each other through sickness and health, ups and downs. Those vows might still feel relevant, but you can revise them for your upcoming journey.

You could mention how hard you’ve fought to get to this point or ways you’ve loved growing together. It’s fun to talk about things you couldn’t before because you have so much history this time around.

3. Think About Your Future

When you said your first vows, you were probably thinking about the many happy years to come. While you might focus on your past during your vow renewal, you can still look ahead to your future as a couple. What do you want to accomplish together in the next stage of your marriage? How will your vow renewal inspire your relationship from this point forward?

4. Craft an Outline

If you’re still unsure where to start, make an outline. You may find it easier to follow specific steps and weave romance in as you go. Consider adding steps to your outline like:

  • Mentioning a few things you love about your partner
  • Talk about what you’ve loved about your marriage this far
  • Promise things for your future
  • Write a closing line with your most significant promise or intention

There’s nothing wrong with outlining your vows. If it makes the experience more manageable and enjoyable, go for it. You may even find that your partner needs an outline too. The pressure of writing the perfect vows can be overwhelming for anyone. Try to have fun with it in whatever ways you can.

5. Schedule Time to Write Alone

Taking some time a part is a great way for ideas to flow. You could also make a date night out of it so you can be writing separately, but together! Consider a few date night ideas like writing during a picnic or sharing wine in your backyard under the stars. The right words may come to you more easily in a lovely setting with the person who has your heart.

Write Your Own Vows for Your Vow Renewal

Anyone can learn how to write their vows for their vow renewal ceremony. There’s no need to worry whether it’s a few days, weeks or months away. Reflect on why you’re pledging your love and what you love about your partner. You’ll start the next phase of your marriage with the most authentic vows you can write.

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